January 2023 Updates 🎉🥳

New FeatureImprovements

What's new in store?

  • Navigation Tree - This makes it easy to navigate to any component, and manage your website's structure.

  • Save page as draft - Keep your work in progress without having to publish your web page.

  • Chat configuration for Agencies - Provide customer support to your clients from their dashboard (Only for Agency users)

  • Airtable Details Element - Now when someone clicks on an item of an Airtable element on your website, you can choose to take them to a page to view the details

  • Filter by Single Reference - Used a reference of a collection item into another one? Now you can filter them out and showcase them on your website

  • Advanced Gradient Color Picker - Create multiple color combinations, choose various gradient types and enhance the user experience of your website.

  • Filter by current item of a template page - Let's say you wanted to display all of William Shakespeare's books on one page, this feature lets you do exactly just that.

  • Nested CMS Row with Column - Nest multiple CMS rows inside regular CMS rows.

  • Apply pre-filter on Airtable elements - Display the Airtable data that you would like to showcase on your website

  • Multi-Slug Feature on regular pages - Add more than one slug to your regular page (e.g

  • Bug fixes - Major bug fixes!

To learn more about these new features, visit our Helpdesk at