9 New Templates Added! πŸ₯³ πŸŽ‰

Here are the new templates, click on the links to preview them!

Growthfuse - Affiliate Marketing Template - https://growthfuse.dcms.site/

AF - Writer Personal Portfolio Template - https://writer-personal-portfolio.dcms.site/

LilyBakery - Bakery Website Template - https://bekary.dcms.site/

INKEDMAG - Tattoo Studio Template - https://tattoo-studio-template.dcms.site/

Bary - Pastry Website Template - https://barypastry.dcms.site/

Spacerip Co-working Space Template - https://spacerip.dcms.site/

Carol - Influencer Website Template - https://twinklecarol.dcms.site/

Offee - Coffee Shop Template - https://offee.dcms.site/

Podfad - Postcast Website Template - https://podfad.dcms.site/

May 2023 - Second update

New FeatureImprovementsBug Fixes

Latest Deployment to Production on 28th May

βœ… New Dashboard

βœ… Public API

βœ… Import Post From Wordpress, Substack, Ghost, Medium

βœ… User Analytics

βœ… Post & Custom Collection item Scheduling

May 2023 Update πŸŽ‰

New FeatureBug FixesImprovements

βœ… Client Billing - Send invoices and receive payments from your clients directly from your dashboard

βœ… Multi-Reference - Refer to multiple collections inside one item

βœ… Editor js button tool's width & height improvement/issue in the builder

βœ… Overflow text in the builder of the nested list of editor js

βœ… Builder button removed from the pricing page on app client

βœ… Missing Solid Color Star Icon on Icon Packs

βœ… Custom SMTP label fixed

βœ… CC field modal footer gap and upgrade plan parentheses fixed

βœ… Single reference linked collection issue fixed

βœ… CMS Row Pagination value issue

7 New Templates Added on Dorik CMS πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³


βœ… Financy - Financial Advisor β€” https://financy.dcms.site/

βœ… RentVendor - Vacation Rental β€” https://rentvendor.dcms.site/

βœ… Charii - NGO & Charity β€” https://charii-ngo.dcms.site/

βœ… Sushima - Restaurant β€” https://shushima.dcms.site/

βœ… Onetown - Real Estate β€” https://onetown-realestate.dcms.site/

βœ… Mr. Hio - Street Food β€” https://street-food.dcms.site/

βœ… Noushi - Saas Website β€” https://saascheck.dcms.site

January 2023 Updates πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³

New FeatureImprovements

What's new in store?

  • Navigation Tree - This makes it easy to navigate to any component, and manage your website's structure.

  • Save page as draft - Keep your work in progress without having to publish your web page.

  • Chat configuration for Agencies - Provide customer support to your clients from their dashboard (Only for Agency users)

  • Airtable Details Element - Now when someone clicks on an item of an Airtable element on your website, you can choose to take them to a page to view the details

  • Filter by Single Reference - Used a reference of a collection item into another one? Now you can filter them out and showcase them on your website

  • Advanced Gradient Color Picker - Create multiple color combinations, choose various gradient types and enhance the user experience of your website.

  • Filter by current item of a template page - Let's say you wanted to display all of William Shakespeare's books on one page, this feature lets you do exactly just that.

  • Nested CMS Row with Column - Nest multiple CMS rows inside regular CMS rows.

  • Apply pre-filter on Airtable elements - Display the Airtable data that you would like to showcase on your website

  • Multi-Slug Feature on regular pages - Add more than one slug to your regular page (e.g abc.com/en/blog)

  • Bug fixes - Major bug fixes!

To learn more about these new features, visit our Helpdesk at



7 New Templates Added on Dorik CMS πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³


JB - Business Coach Template - https://business-coach.dcms.site/

TravelStory - Blog Template - https://travel-blog.dcms.site/

Alisha - Blog Template - https://alisha-blog.dcms.site/

Forecipe - Blog Template - https://food-recipe-blog.dcms.site/

Neturio - ISP Template - https://neturio-isp.dcms.site/

Caspian - Individual Lawyer Template - https://individual-lawyer.dcms.site/

Lush - Makeup Artist Template - https://lush-makeup-artist.dcms.site/


8 New Templates Added (CMS + Static) πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰

βœ… Investory - https://investory.dcms.site/

βœ… Interior Design - https://interior-y.dcms.site/

βœ… Dentist - https://dentist.dcms.site/

βœ… Ctutor - https://ctutor.dcms.site/

βœ… TecNuse - https://tecnuse.dcms.site/

βœ… Help Charity - https://charity-ngo.dcms.site/

βœ… Construction Company - https://construct.read.gd/

βœ… University Template - https://university_newtemplate.dorik.io/


100+ UI Blocks added on Dorik

Hey guys, we have added 100+ New UI Blocks and Pop-Ups on Dorik!

Have you checked them out yet?

For more details:- https://go.10m.io/AK


November 14th 2022 Product Update πŸŽ‰

New FeatureImprovements

In this update, we released the following:

πŸ‘‰ Custom Team Member Roles - Easily manage and customize your Collaborator/Client site permissions βœ…

Read the doc here:- https://go.10m.io/AL

πŸ‘‰ Multiple Authors on Blog Post - Credit your post authors βœ…

Read the doc here:- https://go.10m.io/AM

πŸ‘‰ Password Protected Page - Keep your webpage’s information safe and private or exclusive for you and others βœ…

Read the doc here:- https://go.10m.io/AN

πŸ‘‰ Heading Links - Save the reader’s time by not having to scroll through a long page; give them a heading link! βœ…

Read the doc here:- https://go.10m.io/AO

πŸ‘‰ Empty Block on Builder - Enhance your building experience by identifying empty blocks βœ…

Read the doc here:- https://go.10m.io/AP

πŸ‘‰ List Item hyperlinks - Add hyperlinks to lists in your blog post βœ…

Read the doc here:- https://go.10m.io/AQ

πŸ‘‰ No-Follow Link on Posts - Avoid being penalized by search crawlers. Protect the integrity of your blog. βœ…

Read the doc here:- https://go.10m.io/AR


24th October 2022 Product Update πŸŽ‰

New FeatureBug FixesImprovements

If you thought our 10th October update was not enough, here is another one! πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰


βœ… Page visibility based on membership plan / gated page

βœ… Gated content on custom collection posts

βœ… Add multiple webhook URLs to receive membership events

βœ… Fixed page version history issues

βœ… Fixed page settings modal visibility

βœ… Improved infinite scroll on select elements in the CMS dashboard

βœ… Documentations will be up soon! Thank you for using Dorik.